Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last week of August

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It is good to be back!
Believe it or not, i drafted a post and i titled it "The first week of August"
well i know that it is too late already for first week of August, so here, the last week of August. lol

August has been nice to me. although August is not nicer than Augustus Waters.

Short recap about what has happened on my August days that i still could remember!
Mostly i could still remember becos i captured the moment. HEHE

August 9, Saturday.

One of my guy bestie was leaving for university. He's taking the major that i've always want but no courage to- Technic. lolol. Okay, don't laugh. I'm not bluffing anyway. I have confidence in my Chems even though it is only xx per cent. BETTER THAN ZERO, right?

So, he is the one that was on the right-bottom of the photo. Hensem or not? still single. currently eighteen and around Indonesia pursuing his education. hehehe
All of the boys on my picture are still single and ready to mingle. Want or not? email me ah, no need to be pai-seh. I'm happy also if you want them to be your girlfriend.
fyi, my center-good looking-butterfly is not for sale, okay!
We had this cheesy photobox session! I guess i will never be too old for this :)

August 12, Tuesday

My sister gave birth to baby Matthew!
Being an auntie is not something new for me but still the crowd is gettting crowded. Welcome to the family, Matt! Pretty loves you!

August 16, Friday

   Independence Day Celebration! Grade 1 Shea x Grade 1 Breena

"I am very sure that i have lotsa occasion that i had during the whole August but it turns out i remembered nothing and no evidence anymore. I only had these few photos with baby Michael last Sunday, if i am not



Have i ever mentioned before that now i am a teacher of a kindergarten school?
ehem ehem. yes i am! and i enjoyed it. What i am going to tell is that i have that autism student in the class and sometimes i cannot hold my anger towards him but he's very cute that he will still manage to smile for what condition it is. He can give that warm-i'm not going to let you go-hug lololol and i'm still into his spontaneous actions. kinds of his spontaneous actions? from randomly kiss you to climb the bookshelf and jump over it. Thank God i don't have the heart attack issues. if you are concerned about how his condition is, i'm going to tell from my point of view that he cannot speak, not sure whether his hearing is doing fine, five this year, super lazy, stubborn and loving. imagine by yourself ok.