Friday, October 3, 2014

Mind VS Feelings

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The "mind" word today is about consistency. Typically, in my opinion, you have to choose either to be consistent or prioritize your feelings. Okay, won't write too much theory that only me myself and I  could understand. LOLOL

I have been trying to see a thing from different sides also. For instance, solving a rubiks cube requires you observe all of the sides, not only one side. That's how far i can think to let my future-self understand. HEHE.

There is one condition that i am involved in, so as i have mentioned before, i've been working at a well-known kindergarten school in Medan and i have a 'special' boy as my student. Actually, i take care of him most of the times but that is not the point.<Take turn also, esp for food, indeed> Anyway, he is a very good boy. Please don't have any bad expectation towards him. Because somehow i feel like i am his-not official-godmother already. Ups, how can i spoil the story! Fyi, I've only been with him for around 3 months. How can i make decision that fast? Another information : I rarely want to regret my decision. I'd never want to.

But before i pour everything down, i just want to check have i ever describe about him before which is as i could clearly remember, i did.
Okay, i've done reading. I can see that the writer didn't expect me to write this whole thing today. ya la how can i only have meeting for the special 'pupil' ? sounds weird. Okay his nickname for around my blog is eum.. "GIN" let's make it simple to G then. problem solved!
Omg i haven't finished my sentence before lolol so unorganized. So, the last week of September, precisely on my Saturday, we (me and my colleague) had meeting to discuss about G's improvement and how should we treat him.
My bad, I did complain about his family that still let him to eat chocolate or else whilst he was coughing badly. Sometimes i can spot the chocolate stain on his mouth or shirt or chocolate breads on his bag and my spv explained to me why and how it happened and that was the time when I knew that his mommy also had a difficult time on deciding being strict or spoil him which is as we know every mommies would spoil their child in any condition. Not spoiled also, eum like, showing love by spoiling him. Ha, that's the exact words.
Back to the story, G went to a lot of therapies also and they recommend him to have the GFCF diet. GFCF stands for Gluten Free Casein Free diet. Truth is G super love breads and chocolates. ( that's all that i could notice) that sometimes mommy would broke the rule and let him be happy for consuming chocolate breads or cakes. At first i thought this is totally wrong. Why on earth would mommy do that?  WO ZHI DAO LE WEI SHEN ME A! Simply because that thing will make him happy and nothing else matters when he is happy, well actually, many things do matter.

Okay mommy, G had me feel how it feels like to be you, maybe only one-third portion of you. That day, I let him to sit in my lap and sleep in my arms. <Usually i did let him also if he insisted but after a few secs i will use super firm voice and actions to ask him to sit in a proper way. But i never let him slept in my arms before. >
The consistency tower that i build for few months have been through earthquakes and tsunamis but last time it was demolished in seconds because he was not well and to my surprise, he didn't nag or how like other kids do when they are sick. He still have a good appetite and managed to eat by himself also. <yey! another milestone achieved. even though it was not perfectly done, at least small improvement can courage us!>  After his breakfast, as usual he will sit on a chair and start to daydream or secretly peep about what his friends were doing. <again, i found this very cute as he could notice which bag that contain mnm chocolate or his favorite pororo or whatever else that he likes!> Somehow his nose was blocked and i think he had trouble on trying to cough out the sputum or sth was stuck in his throat and breathing problem. When he was trying to cough, he had his tears fell off but still he didn't nag or cry!!!! I was touched to death!!!! In total he did vomit thrice, twice with me which were all liquids. And after comparing our body temperature i decided to find his nanny and ask whether she has the nasal cleaner with her, turns out that she didn't bring and as i had discussed with le partner before, i decided to ask his nanny to bring him home but they should wait for around 15 mins for the driver to come. Whilst waiting in the class, he didn't show that he is in pain or how but everytime he coughed, seems like he was trying remove something from his throat. He crawled over my body and that was the time i let him sleep in my arms! He has been absent for two days and not to mention, i missed him alrd. He has too many good things to be mad about his bad attitude. That's why i find that he is cute yet unique.
All in all, his toughness that made me touched and learnt another new thing that i should record here.
That's the end of my post! Sorry to another readers if you find my post is dramatic or boring, but i still want to remember about this so bo pien i have to write it down here.



Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last week of September

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According to my S Planner, i was very active the entire whole month.

as always, pictures spamming time!

September 4

 Should be the opening farewell hang out with high school mate. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to attend the closing farewell so that's all we had. 

September 14

Eum, if you are curious where is this then try to google 'air terjun bah biak' as keywords. Goodluck!

Still prefer kolam abadi, indeed.

September 19-22
The Hill Sibolangit,
Retreat Inner Heart
Can you spot what is different in the picture with the previous ones? 

September 25

Bff Quality Time! 

Let me introduce to you, 
Jete , my childhood and winfield mate!    

OKAY, September was like a blink of eye besides of the fun of my pictures, i had a lot to do because le pupils were having their examination last month. I was even still workin on the papers before i went to the hill! Just tryin to be responsible while i can :) One important thing that hasn't changed since August which is i'm still stuck on learning english!